Sustainable Resource Area Mgt

As you look at this blog you might be wondering, what is this class? The course description is as follows:

This course involves the process of master planning for natural/cultural resource management areas. Areas of study include: land acquisition, boundaries, resource inventories, planning of access ways, day use facilities, concessions, and interpretive systems, plus resource maintenance and management strategies. The lab portion of this course consists of planning exercises in the field at a resource management area. Completion of a master management plan for the assigned resource area is required.

As an ecotourism student, this class means more than the course description says.  It enables us to have hands-on experience working with the outdoors.  We work with one of the best sustainable builders from the area who happens to be our instructor.  Each element of this class will better prepare us for life as a sustainable individual.

In this blog you will find different pages outlining the progress of projects.  These projects are all centered in sustainability and ecotourism.

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